New!!! Llama Brew " U Doo" Plant Food Kit- 6 Pack $59.99 Includes Shipping!

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You can "brew" from 30 to 60 gallons of Llama Brew!  A more ECONOMICAL way to use Llama Brew for Cannabis, lawns, large gardens. Just "brew", dispense and reuse the bags until expended. Then use the expended bag as a potting mix.

1) Place the "U Doo" bag in your own five gallon bucket with five gallons of water. Llama Brew is premium llama manure, requiring no composting, with great results! Llama Brew is all-natural, no pesticides.

2) Steep 3-5 days until dark brown.

3) Put finished brew into your own container(s). Keep "U Doo" bag unbroken in bucket.

4) Refill with water and "brew" again.

5) When the teabag is expended, unzip and spread at the base of your favorite plant(s).


7) To see an extremely poorly produced instructional video, go to


Great for Cannabis Growers, economical way to use Llama Brew on lawns.