"U Doo" Quickly Becomes Best Seller!

Llama Brew "U Doo" Plant Food Kit addresses some of the concerns we have to get the power of Llama Brew to you at the best price. The "U Doo" Plant Food Kit price includes shipping. Since shipping a liquid is expensive, "U Doo" allows you to receive all the benefits of llama manure at a significant savings. Shipping a single gallon of our high quality liquid costs $13. We know that giving your hard earned dollars to the Post Office is not economical. 

The "U Doo" Kit also can make up from 5 to 10 gallons each for about the same price as as our single gallon bottle. After making your first five gallon batch, simply reuse the bag and "brew" five more gallons. Use the bag until completely expended. After reusing there is a reduction in the original NPK, but it can be used for any plant where the need for a consistent NPK is required. Once the bag is expended, unzip it and place the contents on a favorite plant or two as a potting mix!

Our new biggest seller is our Grower's 5-Pack. For $39.99, including shipping, you will receive five "U Doo" Kits which can yield a total of between 25 and 50 gallons of Llama Brew. We include a paper filter for those who intend to use in a sprayer for lawns etc., and a glove to remove the bag from it's wrapper. The Grower's 5-Pack is designed for larger scale use on cannabis, large gardens or lawns. Whatever kind of "grass" you are growing, Llama Brew is your best choice. Llama Brew has never contained any pesticides or added chemicals. It is 100% llama manure. Prior to dilution the NPK is 3.12- 2.44- 0.94.