Llama Brew® "U Doo" Plant Food Kit Debuts! The most economical way to buy Llama Brew!

It is finally here! Llama Brew "U Doo" Plant Food Kit has launched. "U Doo" is a way of bringing the power of Llama Brew® to your plants. You can "brew" between 5 and 10 gallons of Llama Brew per kit for the same price as our gallon bottle. But it gets better. The price includes shipping! Our August Special of $12.99 per kit means you pay as little as a $1.30 a gallon. Just "brew" it in your own 5-gallon pail for 3-5 days. Dispense into containers, and "DOO" it again until expended. We have brewed as many as three times with good results. Once the bag is used up, unzip it and spread the contents at the base of you favorite plants as a potting mix. We even provide a glove for handling and a paper filter for when a sprayer is used, to reduce clogging. 

The photos below are from August 7, 14, and the 23rd. We used about five gallons on a 1000 square foot area in need of TLC (Tons of Llama Crap). It was applied with a sprayer once each week. It is best to apply after cutting. But the grass here was not cut before the first application. It received light to moderate watering. So now lawns can receive the power of the llama economically. On August 31 a photo of the entire 1000 square feet will be posted to show you what three weeks of Llama Brew® can "Doo" for you.

Llama Brew Lawn Application August 7, 2017Llama Brew Lawn Application August 23, 2017

"U Doo" makes larger scale use of Llama Brew® economical. This allows use in larger gardens, cannabis grow houses, lawns and other applications. "U Doo" also comes in a Grower's Six Pack. Our August Special of $49.99 also includes Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. The Six Pack can produce between 30 and 60 gallons. That adds up to as little as 83 cents a gallon. Remember, Llama Brew never needs to be composted because llamas have one stomach containing three compartments and digest their feed fully. So Eden the Llama says, "Put a little Eden in your garden"! Find it in our PRODUCTS page.