It's a Gag Gift! It's a Plant Food! Llama Brew "Give a Crap" - Llama Brew

It's a Gag Gift! It's a Plant Food! It's Both! Llama Brew "Give a Crap"

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"Give a Crap" is the plant food with a message. It is a lump of high grade llama manure in a clear, gift wrapped box, with your message. Choose from our own basic messages, or for two dollars more, your own custom message on the gift tag.

This "gift of nature" can then be dropped into a gallon of water, steeped until dissolved, to make a gallon of Llama Brew for their plants! Forget the lump of coal, get the "Give A Crap"! $9.99 price includes shipping. Custom messages are $11.99 including shipping. All shipments are via USPS.

Choose from our characters. Senator Kyle Pyle, Professor Noah Crap, Fuller Crap esq., Lucy Deucey, Ida Nosquat.

For Get Well Messages, Phil N. Crappy, Candice Hurtworse. All characters are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission by Universal Wellness Products.


In addition to its use as a plant food, "Give A Crap" is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to be used for harassment purposes. Custom messages cannot include profanity.