Cannabis Corner- New Product Llama Brew "U Doo"!

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to get gallons of Llama Brew at the same price as our single gallons bottles. For $39.99 you can receive a five pack of new Llama Brew "U Doo" Plant Food Kits. Steep each bag for three to five days depending on outside temperature and desired strength. Each bag, makes 5 -10 gallons of high quality Llama Brew by reusing to make batches until expended. Then, unzip the bags, empty on to plants, to use as a supercharged potting mix. This makes Llama Brew more economical for larger applications. Before dilution the NPK is 3.12- 2.44- 0.94. Llama Brew "U Doo" is also great for lawns. A filter is included to reduce clogging for sprayers. Gloves are included. There are absolutely no pesticides in any Llama Brew! $39.99 includes shipping and handling to "brew" between 25 and 50 gallons.

Llama Brew kicks grass! Please check out the first photos of cannabis plants. The two on the left are grown with fish emulsion. The three in the middle with Llama Brew. The right side plant is the control plant using only water. Our next batch of photos will include our new starts. Eden says, "stay tuned"!


The next photos are all plants grown only using Llama Brew. The seedlings accidentally burned from an improperly set heat mat. They revived after a steady diet solely of Llama Brew Liquid Plant Food for the rest of their growth phases.