Llama Brew Takes on Growing Cannabis: How to Grow White Widow Strain

Date: November 9, 2016

Today is a great day, after our National Election!  Marijuana was legalized in California, and Nevada. Medical Marijuana became legal in Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and we are awaiting the results from Maine.

I am feeling very excited and thrilled about the prospects of our nation growing economically and the prospects of our family run company selling a lot of our "Licensed Fertilizer Llama Brew". We are licensed in numerous states and in the State of Washington. Washington has the toughest rules and labs required to get a fertilizer/plant food license so we are happy we have their blessing!

This is my first blog regarding my first experiment growing cannabis, I'm a newbie. Well, I was a newbie last Jan. 2016 and decided to conduct this experiment in Oregon where Marijuana is legal.

My hypothesis was to grow and prove that a NON-CHEMICAL fertilizer/plant food "Llama Brew" can be used to grow "Clean" weed for "Adult use or for medical purposes" at home or in a commercial operation. The results conclude "Llama Brew' grows awesome, great smelling, fantastic weed! I will be sending samples to a state licensed lab to get verification that NO chemicals/pesticides are in these buds upon the end of the curing process. I will also get the THC and CBD levels lab tested and post these lab reports on our website.

The photograph displayed illustrates one female Indica cannabis plant that is nearing harvest. The other cannabis plants I grew, were also documented, photographed and harvested. They are presently in the curing process.

I will write this blog and share with you, how to grow 'Home grown" marijuana for those that want to grow. I was very intimidated and I knew nothing about growing weed. I first googled the internet on "how to grow" and the different kinds of strains, CBD and THC levels.  I made a list of equipment I needed, as I was on a tight budget. I wanted to know how much it would cost me to start growing, what kinda of seeds to buy, how much would be my initial investment? What about bugs? Would Llama Brew also test out again as a natural deterrent to bugs and pests like my tomato plants did on Llama Brew? Would cannabis plants get stronger and require less water or times of dry periods and survive like my tomato plants? The answer is yes, no bugs and yes that when my husband baby-sat the plants, they were under watered, dying upon my return and thankfully they came back!

I didn't want to outlay a $1,000 to start. I wanted to invest as little as possible. The goal was to get a good harvest using Llama Brew. I bought:

1. A LED 600 watt for $150 on Amazon

2. Seeds $150 spent

3. $75 on a large heat seed mat and $35 on a heat pad regulator so it would control the heat pad. 

4. I bought a thermometer from the dollar store.

5. I had the table, I had grow trays. I started with a few gallons of distilled water.

6. I used a used Costco fan which was on 24/7.

7. I bought a portable electric A/C unit on Craigslist for $100 and never used it.

8. I bought beginning seed soil for $8 I did buy gardening soil from the feed store and later a special $15 cannabis growing soil that I mixed in with raw Llama Brew.

9. I later transferred the plants to larger 55 GL natural fabric containers ($25)  that can be folded and put away until Spring.

10. The electric bill has been very low.

So total outlay was approx. $558, but you could start with $300

Each plant could yield 1/2-2 pounds of good bud, so think of the possibilities that you could save thousands of dollars a year "Growing your own, safe, non pesticide weed! Wow!

One ounce of cannabis (Medical Marijuana or Adult Use) retails around $150-300 am Oz. so if you use an ounce a month, or a pound a year that would cost you $2,700-$4,800 a year. So, you can see growing your own is a really good way to go, plus its FUN to watch your girls grow! If I can grow cannabis successfully on a shoe string budget then anybody can grow it!

I put aluminum foil on the walls as reflection to increase the light source spread on the plants.  I did not buy an expensive tents or air systems. I covered the windows with black contractor 3 mil trash bags. I stapled gunned and duct taped it.So from the outside it looks just like a bedroom window with a little statues on the window sill facing happily to the street. The fan is on all the time and circulates the air outside the room. 

Email me with any questions or the type of LED I bought and the Amazon store name.

This blog will take each step slowly so anyone can follow how to grow cannabis! Mark this blog as a "Favorite".


Eden the Llama