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What is Llama Brew TM ?

  • Llama Brew TM combines the effectiveness of llama manure and convenience of a plant food in a low footprint, eco-friendly, green package. All at an unbelievably low cost. Our llamas kick...grass!
  • Do you REALLY want to continue to eat man-made chemicals or foods processed by ionizing radiation????

  • Now, YOU, growing your own tasty fruits and vegetables, can buy a low cost, natural, plant food.
  • See improvement of the taste of your food. See a visual improvement of your food! Great for wine growers and organic vineyards!

  • Eat healthy, safe food, without man-made chemicals or irradiation.

  • Llama Brew TM  has been tested to contain NO salmonella! It does not have additives, no pesticides, no preservatives. Feed your community, improve your school's horticulture program, feed all your loved ones!!!

    Directions: 3/4 cup directly on the base of the plant root area, once a week, no dilution. Just open and pour, do not dilute. Let it soak in. It can also be sprayed on. Once the plant gets a steady supply in its stems, leaves and roots Llama Brew acts as a insect/bug and critter repellent. If you spray Llama Brew on the leaves it will not harm the plant. Water your plant as usual the next day.

    Note: You cannot overdose your plant, it will just grow more! Our tests have shown this to be true. Llama Brew can be used on lawns effectively. Our next launch is Llama Brew 2 Lawn Care that has a lower NPK and less expensive so it covers more for less. It will be sold in gallons only soon!


All Llama Brew photographs are actual veggies grown in our garden by Aida and the kids.

The Llama Brew Naked photograph with the tomatoes and bell pepper where picked on Feb. 1, 2010

Plant Food Type
Man-made Chemicals
NPK Ratio
Cost per ounce
Llama Brew TM
0.035:  0.030:  0.360
9 cents
"Worm Poop Brand"
0.030-0.002- 0.02.


10 cents


"A Leading Chemical Fertilizer "
Must dilute, mix
Who knows after you add the cost of parts for the hose attachments?

20oz bottle
20 oz. Bottle
= 3 applications

2-Liter Bottle
2-Liter Bottle
= 11 applications

1-gallon bottle
1-gallon Bottle
= 22 applications

Naked Brew
Llama Brew Naked
100% pure

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